Donaldson Premieres Hot Tea Month videos

Babette Donaldson, author of The Everything Healthy Tea Book began Hot Tea Month with a Facebook promise to post 31 tea-themed videos on YouTube.

WTN150112_ART_BabetteDonaldsonDonaldson presents practical, straightforward advice on selecting and brewing tea. Her opening video describes situations when it is best to microwave water for tea (always cover your glass) and features Constant Comment, a legendary orange spice flavored black tea developed by Ruth Bigelow that has introduced consumers to the specialty category for the past 70 years.

A few days later Donaldson’s video showed viewers how to blend their own tea from fresh garden ingredients dried and placed in fill-yourself tea bags. Her Day 6 session the on practicality of teapots (using her extensive collection) and the video on brewing of rare Hawaiian white tea reveals these relaxed presentations of 5-10 minutes to be as helpful to experts as novices (Brewing Tea with Small Children).

“The inspiration for making a series of tea brewing videos came from a desire to continue this conversation with students in my tea classes,” says Donaldson. “It seemed like a 2-hour class on tea basics was never enough time for them to feel comfortable with teaware and brewing. And most of all, I want to share more of how it can be an adventure. And fun! So then I decided to launch it with everyone in my social network. Using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are making it feel like a community celebration. I especially love being able to introduce friends to a few new infusers and teas. Combing the “new” things with our ancient classics is what excites me. And I very much believe that the beauty and pleasure of preparing tea is one of its greatest health benefits.”I’ve been thinking about this project for about two years and finally made the commitment but never dreamed of exactly how many hours it would require. Producing my own ‘selfie’ videos is a challenge in many ways and now that I’m nearing the halfway point, I’m realizing that it’s like running a marathon or writing a whole book.”

Her content is authoritative and well researched but what sets Donaldson’s effort apart from most promotions is how she has fully and economically integrated the various social media tools at hand. Her “Fun With Tea” posts are cross-linked with the online and print works of fellow authors and experts, she is circulating a MailChimp newsletter with recipes and detail that supplements the videos and Tweeting. Donaldson created a Pinterest board with illustrations, clever teaware solutions.

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