Teforia: A New Tea Brewing Device by the Designers of XBOX

Last week a new tea brewing device was released with the intent of offering a more sophisticated machine-steeping experience that adapts to the user’s preferences. This unique product has been created for the home user rather than for commercial applications.

Teforia_Infuser_Kitchen_AngleThe Teforia equipment uses technology they call “Selective Infusion Profile System” (SIPS) to select the optimal brewing for a chosen tea. It controls the water temperature and volume and the infusion time. Teforia doesn’t simply allow for differences between black tea and green tea. It has information in its algorithms that will even steep a Japanese sencha differently from a Dragonwell.

While a user can place any tea they wish in the infuser, Teforia has also worked with established companies like Mighty Leaf, Samovar and Smith Teamaker to create tea pods. They have developed “optimal” recipes for these teas with the help of tea experts and farmers. The tea pods were also designed with an eye toward making them environmentally-friendly.

Teforia_iPhone_FlavorWheelAdaptability is a key component emphasized by the company. Customers have the ability to change the way the tea is steeped by selecting personal preferences. There is a “flavor and aroma palette” that users can adjust to tweak the recipes to their specifications. They may choose a “low caffeine” option that would reduce the caffeine content of a given tea by as much as 62%. “Antioxidant amplification” prioritized the amount of antioxidants in the final cup.

A mobile app gives users more information on the tea and its origins. It provides recommendations for similar teas that match the consumer’s preferences.

Allen Han is the CEO and founder of Teforia. He was the designer of both the XBOX 360 and the Kindle Fire and he brought together a top team of product designers to create Teforia.

The product will hit the market in the spring of 2016 with a retail price of $1299. The first 500 will be sold at an early bird price of $649. As of press time, more than half of the advance sale machines had been purchased.

To see more about how Teforia works, view their press release video.

SOURCE: Teforia, TechCrunch