Fresh Tea to be Delivered by the Teastorks

A new venture started by three students at Cambridge University is aiming to disrupt the British tea industry by making premium tea more accessible. The project, currently on Kickstarter and reachable here was set up to remove the delivery fees charged for people wanting to buy small quantities of quality tea online.

Tom Britton, one of the founders, says “It’s silly that you have to pay £3-£4 of delivery fees if you want to buy good tea online. We will never charge a delivery fee inside the UK”.

TeastorkslogoTeastorks was set up in Tom’s dorm room and sources unique teas, from Lapsang Souchong to Rose Congou. Teastorks acquires these teas from around the world and works exclusively with members of the ethical tea partnership. Like most new premium suppliers, Teastorks utilizes silk pyramid tea bags containing loose leaf tea for a convenient way to enjoy premium tea. The bags themselves are biodegradable and therefore leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Teastorks hope to raise £12000 ($18,900) through their Kickstarter project before the campaign closes on Saturday, June 22. At the lower levels of their Kickstarter project, Teastorks will offer a box of 15 tea bags of up to 3 different varieties delivered at no extra cost. Higher levels of donation include a box of tea delivered for an entire year, and the honor of naming a tea.

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