Meet the Global Tea Championship Judges

The Global Tea Championship’s Fall Hot (Loose Leaf) and Single Serve competitions will take place February 25-26, 2017. These four tea industry experts will be judging 245 teas. They have established themselves in the world of tea and all have unique stories to tell and specialized knowledge to bring to the competition.

Kelly Amoroso


Kelly Amoroso is the tea buyer at Allegro Coffee and brings more than 23 years of experience in the tea industry to the Global Tea Championship. Read more here.

Suzette Hammond


Suzette Hammond went from working in broadcast journalism to pursuing tea as a life path. Tea’s connection to thousands of years of history, communication and culture, spirituality and mindfulness, ecology, culinary and food traditions, and unquestionably global presence all attracted her. Read more here.

Richard Endicott


Richard Endicott grew up in England and consumed tea from an early age. He became a Trainee Tea Taster with Tetley tea and began a five-year apprenticeship toward becoming a tea buyer. Those five years at Tetley provided a solid grounding in the global mechanics of the tea industry. Read more here.

Scott Svihula


Scott Svihula brings his tea expertise and business acumen to the competition. He started his career in the coffee industry and transitioned to tea 21 years ago. Read more here.