Green Tea a Useful Disinfectant

SEOUL, South Korea

As the flu season approaches, tea drinkers can take comfort in the fact that green tea may provide additional protection.

Researchers at the Yonsei University’s Department of Biotechnology at the College of Life Science and Biotechnology tested green tea solutions in various concentrations and discovered tea killed the influenza virus on skin.

All concentrations were effective against the flu virus, including the one with the lowest concentration, according to lead researcher Woo-Jin Shin.  Viruses on skin containing the virus that was treated with a control (PBS) remained, but even weak green tea solutions proved effective.

Skin was exposed to one green tea bag per 120 mL of hot water at the low end and two and three bags per 120 mL to test higher concentrations.

Researchers conclude that using green tea solution as a hand disinfectant, gargling with tea and drinking tea could be a useful way to prevent transmission of the flu virus.

The study was published in the journal Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry.

Source: Digital Journal