Tea Calendar by Hälssen & Lyon Sweetens the Day

Hälssen & Lyon, a German manufacturer of various tea products, has developed the world’s first tea calendar in which each day of the year is made of tea leaves. The highly innovative tea calendar features razor thin strips of pressed tea can be torn off from the calendar and brewed directly into a tea cup with hot water. At this point,the calendar is unavailable to the public and  has only been sent to business partners.

Tea CalendarThe Hälssen & Lyon tea calendar was developed at Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg, by executive creative director Sascha Hanke, creative directors Heiko Schmidt and Kay Eichner, art director Patrick Schroeder, copywriter Julia Meissner, production manager Martin Luehe, producer Julia Rudloff, account executive Kira Middendorf, art buyer Karen Blome.

The calendar was printed at Inch Design Service, Hamburg.

The case film was produced by Alexander de Lukowicz at Virus, Hamburg, with sound produced at The Shack, Hamburg.

SOURCE: The Inspiration Room