Harmless Harvest to Offer First ‘Raw Tea’ RTD

Harmless Harvest has expanded their product line to now offer and the first RTD “raw tea” beverage as well as their celebrated RTD raw coconut water, as BevNet.com reports.

Founded in New York City in 2010, Harmless Harvest is an innovative beverage producer committed to offering nutritional beverages without destroying the ecosystem where the ingredients were harvested from.Logo

To create their new product, 100% Raw Tea, Harmless Harvest freezes tea leaves sourced from Southern Japan immediately upon harvesting them. The leaves are then cold brewed and the final product is a caffeine-free iced tea chock full of amino acids and unique flavors.

Harmless Harvest co-founder, Douglas Riboud, speaking to BevNet.com says of the new raw tea, “The result is a tea unlike any other. It effectively maintains the powerful fragrance, flavor and nutritional profile of the raw leaf while controlling the release of tannins, or bitterness. Unless you have wandered through an ancestral tea garden at harvest time and chewed on the tender new leaves of the season, it would be hard to compare this to anything you’ve encountered before.”

Harmless Harvest will soon begin exclusively distributing the raw tea beverage to Whole Foods Market. Dwight Richmond, the Global Grocery Purchasing Coordinator for Whole Foods praises Harmless Harvest saying, “Partnering with Harmless Harvest to offer the first 100% raw tea on the market is not only rewarding from a product development standpoint, it’s exciting to give shoppers yet another new favorite they can get excited about.”

Raw Teas hhHarmless Harvest will offer the raw tea in three different varieties – Unsweetened, Raw Peppermint, and Raw Honey & Lemon.

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