Herbal Blends Going Up in Smoke


Herbally curious visitors to the popular Etsy website will find a number of smokable herb blends handcrafted and sold by tea shop owners.

Shop owner Lise Silverwolf in Portland, Ore., offers a blend great for those trying to wean themselves off tobacco or who want the ritual of smoking without side effects of commercial tobacco.” She mixes damiana and skullcap, mullein and mugwort in  her Celtic Cat Shop. The damiana is  relaxing, while the mullein helps clear the lungs, and the mugwort helps support the liver and vital systems, writes Silverwolf.

Monica Rutt at Roots and Flowers in Williams, Ore. is a traditional herbalist whose blend sells for $6. In Bellingham, Wash., Wildroot Herbal Smoke Blend is offered in half-cup tins for $4.75.

Etsy featured several other versions of the smokable herbs, mainly from the Pacific Northwest.

In Brooklyn Raganella (Italian for green tree frog) Botanical Solutions received media attention and acclaim for its smokable herbal blend called Vivid Visions. It is an all natural mix of damiana, lavender, mugwort and mullein, a respiratory aid. Damiana is a natural antidepressant and Mugwort is known to enhance dreams, according to Liz Neves who offers one half ounce of the mix for $5.20.

Vivid Visions was featured on FoodCurated.com two weeks ago and Neves says she has been unable to keep up with the demand, selling out of batches of 150 within hours.

In a review by Well + Good NYC, Neves describes the main benefit as “a shift in your perception. It’s really subtle, but you just see things a little differently,” she said.

Source: Well + Good NYC, Bliss Tree

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