Iced Tea Month Promos Draw Attention

WTN140616_IcedTeaSplashIt’s June and in the United States that means its National Iced Tea Month. This refreshing beverage was written about in cookbooks back in the 1800s, well before it had it splashy public unveiling at St. Louis’s 1904 World’s Fair. Now its popularity is unquestionable, far surpassing interest in hot tea in the States.

There was a time when National Iced Tea Month was a small affair for which one might see a press release from the Tea Association of the U.S.A. and a handful of acknowledgements on tea blogs. No more. National Iced Tea Month and National Iced Tea Day now rate giveaways, store promotions and national television advertising.

This year’s National Iced Tea Day was June 10th. 7-Eleven used the day to launch their new fresh-brewed sweetened and unsweetened iced tea offering a free Big Gulp Iced Tea.

DAVIDs TEA and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf offered buy-one-get-one free iced tea at their stores in the U.S. and Teavana gave away free small raspberry limeade iced teas with every purchase.