Ippodo Tea Opens Shop in NYC

WTN_IppodoTea_Kyoto-NYCA 300-year-old Kyoto-based green tea merchant, has opened its first New York City shop at 125 East 39th St. It is co-located with the restaurant Kajitsu.

“Our desire is to not only sell Japanese green tea, but to also communicate directly with our customers and demonstrate the variety of flavors that can be produced to suit personal preferences by varying the way the tea is prepared,” according to the company. Staff assigned from Kyoto will help customers to discover and enjoy the allure and depth of character of Japanese green tea. “Our aim is to create a venue where you can feel comfortable asking anything related to Japanese green tea, from casual questions to inquiries requiring specialist knowledge,” according to the company.

“The restaurant honors a centuries-old cuisine that was developed by Zen Buddhist monks to precede their tea ceremony, a spiritual experience and exercise in quiet refinement,” writes Lauren Mowery in The Village Voice.

Source: The Village Voice