Jade Monk’s New Packaging Named ‘Package of the Year’

Jade Monk®, the new On-The-Go, flavored, and lightly sweetened matcha green tea powdered beverage has garnered additional accolades for its bold new packaging which is breathing new life into a somewhat conservative category. Jade Monk®, has been selected as one of the ‘Packages of the Year’ by the esteemed Food & Beverage Packaging magazine April Issue.

Over the past year, Jade Monk®, has earned numerous awards and front page features related to its eye-grabbing packaging, appealing to current tea consumers looking for something new as well as both non-tea drinkers and parents looking for healthy drink alternatives for their children.

Jade Monk

Their packaging gamble has begun to pay off – major, forward thinking, natural food retailers are realizing that consumers are looking for the latest innovative products and packaging. Enter Jade Monk® – the unique and complex illustrations that vivify the packages are intended to catch your eye as much as to hint at what’s on the inside. Jade Monk’s four flavors are represented by mythical characters found in Japanese folklore, each of which embodies the spirit and essence of the flavor.

Traditionally, Matcha, the main ingredient in Jade Monk’s product, has been consumed by tea connoisseurs. Despite the traditional appeal of Matcha, Jade Monk®, decided to modernize the this new tea by enhancing the convenience of preparation, its amazing taste, and its sophisticated presentation.  Packaged in easy, “on the go” packets that can be taken anywhere and simply poured into your water bottle or any glass of water, Jade Monk® hopes to become a strong addition to the tea and water enhancer categories.

“We’ve received a ton of emails from customers who say the only reason they tried our product was because of the packaging…and now they’re hooked (this comes from non tea drinkers as well). Our hip and bold take on tea has made it fun again” says Jade Monk® Co-Founder Derek Pippin.  “We realize that some retailers might not know what to think about us. All I can say is, packaging aside, the product reviews speak for themselves. You will find a more diverse segment considering drinking tea once they try our products” says Jade Monk® Co-Founder Cort Bucher.

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SOURCE: Jade Monk