Hone your skills with the industry’s best at World Tea Expo!

Register for a skill building workshop or a focused tasting offered at World Tea Expo to build upon your tea knowledge and enhance your palate.


Eliot Jordan SkillJoin Eliot Jordan, the Director of Tea at Peet’s Coffee & Tea, in Setting the Standard – Establishing Benchmarks for Determining Cup Quality, to develop an understanding of the subjectivity of taste and quality within various teas. You will also learn to successfully identify and apply a useful standard benchmark to your business. Learn more about this Skill Building Workshop here.


Tea Cupping SkillAaron Vick and Mo Sardella of The G.S. Haly Company, will lead you through sensory exploration in their Skill Building Workshop What is Brisk? While cupping several teas and matching sensations appropriately, you will learn to describe teas with an elevated vocabulary. Overall, you will be better prepared to explain to customers how tea type and origin affect cup-character and quality. Find more details about this Skill Building Workshop here.


Wagashi-Focused TastingThe Senior V.P. of Corporate Relations at ITO EN, Rona Tison, will host the Focused Tasting : Pairing Green Tea and Japanese Tea Confections. Explore the complexities of traditional Japanese green tea while pairing green teas with Wagashi, a treasured confection. Appreciate the fine notes and deep history of multiple traditional green teas while delighting your palate. To get more information about this Focused tasting, please click here.