Kenya Unveils New Mark of Origin


Kenya, the largest exporter of tea in the world, has unveiled a country mark of origin to brand its tea.

The new seal, emblazoned with the motto: Finest Premium Kenyan Tea, will help identify that nation's products, according to Agriculture Minister Sally Kosgey.

The Kenya Tea Mark of Origin is expected to help raise the levels of tea exported globally and address some key market concerns over the country’s second biggest foreign exchange earner, according to Tea Board of Kenya managing director Sicily Kariuki.

“The thinking is that the mark of origin will brand the Kenyan tea and reinforce its position in the global market. It will also assure the consumer who is seeking the authentic Kenyan tea at local and international markets,” she said.

The mark will also offer a platform for future promotion activities, besides helping to mitigate the effect of counterfeiting and adulteration.