Kickstarter project underway for Nepali Tea Traders

Nepali Tea Traders, a new Colorado-based exclusive provider of Nepalese tea in the United States, has launched a Kickstarter program to raise funds to import their spring flush teas from Nepal. In order to increase awareness and consumption of Nepalese tea in the United States, and to help provide economic stability to one of the poorest countries in Asia, Nepali Tea Traders created a Kickstarter program and aim to raise $20,000 by April 30th, 2013.

Kickstarter is an online pledge system that houses projects for start-up companies and creative projects in need of funding.  Recognized as the leader in ‘crowdfunding,’ Kickstarter has provided a platform for more than 35,000 start-ups and new projects to raise more than $500 million. All projects have a funding goal and donors pledge to help reach this goal, typically in exchange for related products or experiences. Nepali Tea Traders is offering a range of premium teas and several unique tea-related experiences in exchange for support.

At the lower tiers of donation, Nepali Tea Trader’s Kickstarter project provides donors with tea packages of their choosing, featuring premium and rare tea selections and packages that include teaware for brewing loose tea. Higher levels of donation include unique items and experiences such as a tea party for 12 or an all-day biking trip in exchange.

Nepali Tea TradersNepali Tea Traders’ teas are grown naturally or organically in Ilam, an eastern region in Nepal.  This new company offers a full range of premium and rare black, oolong, white, green, and specialty teas. The combination of high altitude and rich soil in this region infuses Nepalese teas with high concentrations of flavor and antioxidants. According to Marty Kushner, one of America’s foremost tea experts, who has served as chairman of the Tea Association of the USA and past member of the US Government Board of Tea Experts, “Nepal’s orthodox teas are some of the finest in the world – on par with the best Darjeelings.  The higher the altitude, the slower the growth of the tea plants.  The slower the growth, the finer the quality of the tea.  Tea drinkers will savor nature’s unhurried accomplishment in these Nepali teas.”

The funds raised by Nepali Tea Trader’s Kickstarter program will allow them to import the spring flush tea and in turn, provide Nepalese farmers with fair wages for their labor. The revenue generated from these Nepalese teas will remain in Nepal, spurring economic strength for a poor nation.Nepali Tea Traders

“This campaign will help us fund the seasonal spring teas, introduce our delicious teas to tea drinkers around the world, and present our company to potential investors,” said Maggie Le Beau, founder of Nepali Tea Traders.  “We are very excited about the campaign and the opportunity to truly launch our business.”

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