Lawsuit against Tetley Thrown Out

A lawsuit claiming that Tetley Tea provides inaccurate health claims on the packaging of its tea products has been dismissed by a federal judge, according to

Tetley LogoA woman named Daryl De Keczer filed a lawsuit against the Tata Global Beverages subsidiary in August of 2012, stating that the tea products were misbranded.

Specifically, De Keczer is unsatisfied with Tetley’s proclaimed antioxidant and flavonoid content on both its packaging as well as online. reports that De Keczer made the following statement, “In making these statements, Tetley utilizes improper antioxidant, nutrient content and health claims that have been expressly condemned by the FDA in numerous enforcement actions and warning letters.”

Despite these specific claims made by De Keczer, Judge Edward Davila did not find any clear and direct fraudulent or deceptive statements in Tetley’s product information. Furthermore, Davila found De Keczer’s complaints “ambiguous and confusing” as she did not make clear exactly which of Tetley’s products she believes are misrepresented by the brand.  Because Davila did not deem any statements by Tetley false or unlawful, he dismissed the case.

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