Lose Weight with Green Tea and Resistance Training

The American Botanical Council has published a study researching the effects green tea, paired with resistance training, can have on weight loss and metabolism boosts in overweight or obese women.thumb_logo_abc_american_botanical_council.jpg

Researchers in Sao Paulo, Brazil have completed a study which they believe helps prove that green tea promotes weight loss and overall loss of body fat, among other changes. This is especially true, according to the researchers, when green tea consumption is coupled with a resistance training program. The team of researchers studied 36 sedentary women, ranging in age from 20 to 40 years old. Each woman had a body mass index score (BMI) over 25.

For 4 weeks prior to the study, each woman ate 1,200 calories each day, giving enough time for their metabolic processes to adapt. Then, the women were sorted into 4 different groups. Group 1 was just given green tea. Group 2 was just given a placebo. Group 3 was given green tea combined with resistance training while Group 4 combined resistance training with the placebo.

Over the course of eight weeks, the subject drank either 20 grams of green tea or the placebo diluted in 200 mL of ice water each day. 3 times each week, the women in groups 3 and 4 completed a resistance training program. The women drank green tea 10 minutes before the start of the resistance training program, which consisted of 3 sets of 10 repetitions of 10 exercises with 1 minute rests between sets.

The researchers conducting the study found that group 1 participants had an overall reduction in BMI and lost an average of 12 pounds. Group 3 participants did not necessarily lose body weight but experienced a large decrease in body fat mass and waist circumference. Group 2 and 4 participants did not report any changes in BMI or body weight.

The researchers concluded that “Green tea promoted changes in body composition, weight loss, the maintenance of lean body mass, loss of body fat, decreased waist circumference, and lowered body fat percentage.”

Read the full study here.