Making Sure You Have Tea in a Clutch

Tea Bar's The Tea Clutch

Tea Bar’s The Tea Clutch

Premium tea drinkers, faced by poor quality options in many restaurants and offices, have often resorted to carrying their own loose leaf. The rising sales of tea jars and on-the-go mugs, creative infusers and items like Thistledown Cozies’ Loose Leaf Tea Travel Kits, show that there is space for creative alternatives. Amsterdam’s six-year-old Tea Bar has added their version to the mix.

The Tea Clutch is an envelope, designed to look like a woman’s clutch purse, that contains loose leaf tea and fifteen empty tea sacs for filling. Tea Bar’s partner on the project, PROUDdesign, modeled the packet after the existing concept of travel pouches for those who roll their own cigarettes. There are currently three types of tea offered – Choco Chanel, Champ Chic (champagne cassis tea), and Mango Madness (green and white tea blended with dried mango and coconut). Coco Chanel comes in a blue mock-alligator patterned pouch; Champ Chic in a faux suede pattern and Mango Madness in yellow mock-leather design. The packages retail for 4.95 euros (around $7) and they reseal with a sticker.

Looking for other options closer to home? While many tea wallets are designed for tea bags, Stash Tea sells a fabric loose leaf tea wallet with a clear lidded tin that slips inside to store your tea safely.