Making the Most of Matcha at World Tea Expo

WTN150504_MatchaWorld Tea Expo is noted for its ability to read the pulse of the tea industry and this week matcha is throbbing in the veins of attendees.

Proprietors of this ancient tea from China, perfected in Japan, are offering samples, insights and important health news about the fabled emerald elixir. Here are some of the focused tastings, exhibits and educational sessions to visit during the show:

Introduction to Matcha

Michael Kaneko of Aiya America will lead this informational “Focused Tasting,” which will include an instructional portion on how to prepare a bowl of matcha. Attendees will get hands-on during the 90-minutes, having the opportunity to participate and whisk their own cup! Thursday, 11-12:30pm. Visit Aiya America at booth No. 809

Increasing Your Sales with Matcha Madness Trend

Rona Tison of ITO EN (North America) INC. says matcha is the new culinary trend of 2015. In this session, World Tea Expo attendees will learn to maximize sales with the revered ceremonial green tea that is making its way into the American mainstream market. The session will explore the expansive world of this growing tea trend and how to integrate matcha into a business through culinary diplomacy. Friday, 9:45-10:45am. Visit ITO EN at booth No. 733

Tea-Ceré Matcha Tea Maker by Sharp

Alli Mendelsohn says the Tea-Ceré Matcha Tea Maker by Sharp makes enjoying authentic matcha easier. This delicious, traditional Japanese tea provides countless health benefits, but it is difficult to prepare. So the company created – in consultation with leading Japanese tea experts – Tea-Ceré, which preserves the traditional Japanese preparation process for authentic matcha, but with less hassle. First, Tea-Ceré grinds matcha tea leaves into fine powder. Next you add the amount of matcha powder to your taste, and Tea-Ceré boils water and whisks the tea for you. Tea-Ceré can prepare up to four cups at once to share with friends. Tea powdered in the machine can be used as an ingredient in a wide range of recipes. Visit SHARP at booth No. 731

QTrade Teas & Herbs Matcha Formulator

QTrade Teas & Herbs, in Cerritos, Calif., produces many matcha formulations. Company president Manjiv Jayakumar says matcha’s growing popularity in North America is primarily based on its use in latte’s and confectionery. This is helping introduce consumers to the more high-end matchas with its ceremonial serving style that is very reflective of Japanese culture. He adds that matcha is also more generally giving consumers the sense that there is a lot more to the tea experience. QTrade formulates matcha into loose leaf tea and produces matcha for single-serve systems. They also pack matcha powders.  Visit QTRADE Teas & Herbs at booth No. 1026

Sample these matcha products on the show floor:

  • Best New Product Nominee – Innovation: Tea-Ceré Matcha Tea Maker by Sharp. Booth No. 731
  • Best New Product Nominee – Tea as an Ingredient: Matcha LOVE – Culinary Matcha by ITO EN Booth No. 733
  • Matcha To Go Sticks, Matcha infused Sencha, and Matcha infused Genmaicha by Aiya America. Booth No. 899
  • TEAS’ TEA – Green Tea + Matcha Single Serve Cups by ITO EN. Booth No. 733
  • Organic Matcha, Organic Sencha with Matcha & Organic Genmaicha with Matcha by Den’s Tea. Booth No. 722
  • Ceremonial and quality Matcha ingredients by AOI Tea. Booth No. 923