Manchester’s Tea 42 Offers 100% Gluten-Free Food, and Profits


Photo courtesy of Tea42

People with celiac and allergies and intolerances to gluten can face a tough challenge in finding safe and enjoyable places to dine. Tea 42 is a restaurant brand, based in Manchester, England, that is staking its claim as a gluten-free option for fine dining. Only eight months after opening they are already serving up 1,000 afternoon teas on busy weekends.

The first 68-seat restaurant opened in November of 2013 at 58 High Street under the direction of William Hannah and Jason Abbott. Hannah has celiac; a disease where gluten consumption causes an autoimmune response that damages the small intestine. He is a great lover of food and wanted to create a space where the food was so good that gluten would not be missed by gluten-free diners or their friends. The restaurant was intended to function as a tea room throughout the day and a full-service restaurant at night and have excellent food that was also gluten-free. The chef trained at London’s Hibiscus, a Michelin-starred restaurant.

The first restaurant is expected to reach $1.4 million in year one. Plans are now in place to open a second location in Manchester. Tea 42 said that they will open two beyond that in the next half year and a total of twenty across the UK soon including sites in Liverpool, Glasgow, Newcastle and London.

Source: The Telegraph