Rare Tea Republic Offers Small Parcel Full-leaf Teas

NOVATO, Calif.

The Republic of Tea launched a spinoff company this week for tea connoisseurs that will offer small parcel, single-estate full-leaf teas.

Rare Tea Republic works directly with artisans worldwide to select small lots and curate fresh teas from gardens that cater to discerning tea drinkers, says company spokesperson Eva Wong.

The in initial collection includes 19 teas from Northern India, Nepal and the Himalayas. Prices range from $6 to $30 for 50-gram in re-sealable pouches, hand-packed by weight.

Black, white, green and oolong teas from gardens in Darjeeling, Kangra, Sikkam, Assam, Bihar and Nepal are described on the site. Photos of the teas, with their precise grade and flush appear on the website.

Margaret’s Hope SFTGFOP1 (second flush), for example, describes one of Darjeeling’s original gardens. Details include tasting notes, the plucking date, steep time, temperature and recommended weight of tea per cup. A sample sells for $2 and 100 grams is $18.90 plus shipping.

The company says the collection will be updated frequently. Teas are acquired in small lots “that best express the character of the terroir.”

A smoked Assam oolong from Mothola, plucked in April, sells for $31.95 for 100 grams. It is described as “an exciting offering for an adventurous palate.”

"As American tea drinkers become more educated about tea, these new connoisseurs are seeking out rare and unique teas," says Sarah Scarborough, tea buyer for Rare Tea Republic. "We select from hundreds of samples to ensure Rare Tea Republic brings our customers the best and most fresh teas available in the world."

By visiting countries of origin multiple times a year, Rare Tea Republic has developed deep relationships with tea growers and source directly from them. The teas in the Rare Tea Republic collection will be continually updated throughout the year to deliver the freshest, most unique selection of single estate full-leaf teas to consumers.

Scarborough has worked in the tea industry for 11 years. Prior to her involvement in the tea industry, she worked in sustainable agriculture and the culinary arts. These experiences have given her a unique "garden to cup" perspective and allow her to share her passion for fine teas.

To learn more visit www.RareTeaRepublic.com.