SALADA Introduces New Line of Organic Herbal Tea

SALADA Tea has three new herbal teas ready to hit the market this fall. These products are responding to the desire many consumers have for caffeine-free alternatives.

fV5fdN1jIzgeTm89ftUmF8roTArSsZKhdYYihVuEySUThe three flavors are Uplifting Cinnamon Mint, Refreshing Raspberry Hibiscus and Calming Vanilla Chamomile. Cinnamon mint blends cinnamon with peppermint and rosehip. The raspberry hibiscus includes rosehip and lemongrass. Calming Vaninnal Chamomile adds spearmint and lemongrass to chamomile and vanilla flavor. All are sold in tea bag form.

“For the brand’s loyal consumers, who already enjoy our white and green tea for their daily wellness, the herbal teas provide complementary taste and health benefits,” says SALADA’s parent company Redco Foods’ CEO Gordon Boggis.

3ewtvVYybq9lCpl6GV7Dp6JGJoX5o2rf0CGu7yyOSOIThis product line reinforces Salada’s focus on wellness teas and beverages aiming to hit the market’s rising interest in healthy drinks.

Tennis legend Steffi Graf has become one of the company’s product endorsers.

The beverages will be available in major grocery chains like Wegmans and Stop & Shop and online.