Tea-Ceré from Sharp

Grinding the dry leaves of the tea plant into a fine powder dates back centuries. It is a technique that evolved from tea’s original medicinal uses when it was ground with spices, mixed with water and swallowed from a bowl. Delightful tasting as it may be, no infusion can equal the potency or efficiency of drinking the entire leaf.

WTN150601_Tea-Cere_transparentShort of a mortar and pestle or the ancient Japanese hand-turned granite stone grinders, there is nothing on the market to match the convenience of the Tea-Ceré in matcha maker.

This combination grinder and brewer takes only three minutes to brew from leaf to cup. Quality leaves are first ground into a fine powder using a ceramic mill at 100 revolutions per minute (while the water is heating). The grind can be adjusted from fine to coarse. The water reservoir holds 420 ml. Next, transfer the powder to the brewer and the tea is automatically whisked to a froth in the cup.

Matcha literally means powdered cha and that frees users to try all sorts of combinations of black tea, oolong tea and even puer tea. When reduced to powder, Rooibos and chamomile and chai all take on greater versatility as culinary ingredients and beverages.

The tea drinking crowd at World Tea Expo was fascinated by the possibilities. The powder can be used to make ice creams, smoothies and an assortment of baked goods. Tea can also be sprinkled on salads or used to dust desserts. Add steamed milk and you have a latte.

“We saw the World Tea Expo as a great opportunity to introduce our Tea-Ceré matcha maker to the tea industry,” writes Tim Kavanaugh, AVP Health and Environmental Solutions at Sharp Electronics. “We were able to build awareness and lay the groundwork for partnerships that will help us get this product in the homes of tea lovers. Receiving the “Best New Product Award” was icing on the cake,” he said.

“We invited many exhibitors at the show to bring over their favorite teas and we had a great time taste testing the results. It was such a fun event! We are very pleased and excited for the product to be released in July!” writes Kavanaugh.

Tea-Ceré, which is short for Tea Ceremony, is currently the only way to grind tencha leaves to make traditional matcha at home, he explained. “As we demonstrated at the show, the machine also allows you to make matcha-style tea with virtually any high quality tea leaf,” he said.

The machine was first released in Japan in April 2014 selling 150,000 units. It will retail in North America for $299.99 and is available in July. Learn more: http://www.sharpusa.com/tea-cere.aspx