Tea Hawaii to Host a Tea Tour this November

Tea Hawaii & Company is hosting a tour and workshop in the Volcano Village to explore the harvesting, processing, and cupping of Hawaiian grown tea.

Tea Hawaii1

Headed by Tea Hawaii’s founders, Chiu Leong and Eva Lee, this hands-on experience aims to immerse participants in Hawaiian culture as well as the history of Hawaiian tea. Delving into the importance of the Hawaiian climate on the Camellia sinensis cultivar, the tour will explain why Hawaiian tea is so unique.

Educational workshops in the tour will emphasize specialty crops and tea production. Several visits to Hawaiian tea farms are scheduled throughout the tour.

The tour will be hosted at the summit of the Kilauea Volcano, the most active volcano in Hawaii. Here, participants will understand the terroir of the volcanic region and how that effects the cultivation of the tea.Kilauea Volcano

Held November 4-6th, 2013, this tour will also allow for hikes, yoga practice, wildlife viewing, and other activities in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Dinners, provided in the cost of the total package, will include tea-inspired meals.

This unique opportunity will connect interested parties to the first generation of Hawaiian tea farmers, processors, and educators to connect the East to the West.

For more information, including price structure, the schedule of the tour, registration, and more, please contact Eva Lee, Community Cup Director at teahawaii@gmail.com

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SOURCE: Tea Hawaii