Tea Party Resource Comes Online

Central Command In Control LLC, a new Tennessee-based internet retailer, has developed a new online store and informational website for tea enthusiasts and party planners: teatimeteaparty.com.

Founder and owner of Central Command In Control LLC and the new online store, Janet Greer, explains, “Little girls have been having pretend tea parties for as long as we can remember, but the old pastime of gathering with friends and family for tea is a great adult activity as well. We’re committed to providing consumers with everything they need to host an affordable yet upscale get-together.”

Along with offering teapots, tea cups, and accessories, the new online store provides other products to support tea parties, including tea and dessert plates.Tea Party

Hoping to aid tea enthusiasts throwing a tea party, the website will also provide informational resources like party planning tips, how-to articles, menu recommendations, and more.

Greer added, “Tea parties are great for celebrating birthdays, wedding showers, and baby showers, but are also great to celebrate ‘just because.’ These parties create special memories that will be cherished for years to come. Many women have never had the opportunity to experience such a fun and unforgettable festivity.”

Learn more about teatimeteaparty.com.

SOURCE: Central Command In Control LLC