Tea a Top Flavor Trend for 2014 Says McCormick

SPARKS, Md. – Spice and herb manufacturing giant McCormick & Company unveiled the McCormick® Flavor Forecast® 2014: 125th Anniversary Edition last week and tea was a highlight.

Each year the company brings together experts from across the globe to select top trends and new flavors that will be important in the food world in the year to come. This year’s top trends included chilies, modern interpretations of Indian food, cooking in compact urban kitchens, the foods and flavors of Mexico and Brazilian cuisine.

Tea made its appearance in the list of the 5 top flavors for 2014. It was included as a “must-have” ingredient that is readily available and can enhance and amplify food flavors when working with minimal ingredients. Tea’s use as a culinary ingredient in soups, marinades and rubs was specifically mentioned. McCormick released two tea recipes related to the report:  Vegetable Pho with Tea Broth and Easy Lemon Tea-Infused Custard with Candied Apricots. Both recipes are available on their website.

The other four flavors to hit the top 5 list were the Peruvian chile Aji Amarillo; Kashmiri Masala; a Mexican condiment composed of apricot, lime, chiles, and spices called Chamoy Sauce; and Cassava (or tapioca) flour.

The announcement coincided with the release of a report by market research company Euromonitor International on the top five non-alcoholic drink trends in the Americas. Expanded interest in tea in South America was notable. In 2013, ready-to-drink tea was already the fastest growing non-alcoholic drink category in Venezuela and in Ecuador. Tea is also king in Chile where it is the most consumed hot beverage, even beating out coffee, with nearly 100% market penetration.

The Flavor Forecast is available on McCormick & Company’s website (www.mccormick.com).

Source: PR Newswire and Euromonitor International

Download report: http://www.mccormick.com/public/mkc/img/flavor-forecast-2014/FlavorForecast2014.pdf