Tea under Consideration as National Drink of India

The Department of Commerce in India may possibly declare tea to be the National Drink of India, as reported by The Assam Tribune.

Earlier in August of 2012, The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Commerce (PSCC), had recommended that the Department of Commerce seriously consider officially announcing the National Drink of India as tea.

National Drink of India

Tea plantation in Munnar, Kerela, India

In their report dated August 9th, 2012, The PSCC stated, “ In view of the above, the Committee would like the (Union Commerce) Department to consider declaring tea as a “National Drink” keeping in mind the growing demand from the stakeholders of the industry and the heritage value it carries. Also, it’s essential presence in the life of every Indian, directly or indirectly, assumes sufficient reason to declare it as a national drink. Its declaration as a national drink would give it the desired prominence in promotional schemes and activities strengthening the beverage’s association with India in global markets and helping in exports.”

The Department of Commerce has responded to these considerations with a statement in their Actions Taken Report, “This Department is considering the proposal for declaring tea as ‘National Drink’.”

With India being one of the largest producers of tea in the world, it seems very logical to declare tea as its national beverage.

SOUCE: The Assam Tribune