Teas and Herbals for Winter Coughs and Sniffles

Tea & ColdIt is the season of snow angels, skiing and skating, and coughs and colds. When nasty sicknesses hit, many turn to the tea cabinet. While no tea or herbal remedy can cure a virus, some of them may be able to offer some comfort from the symptoms.

Sore throats can always benefit from warm liquids, so choosing tea is a natural. A dose of honey in the cup can help coat and calm a ticklish throat. Because lemon has natural antibacterial properties, some believe it can help fight the effects of illness. It is also possible that its acidity changes the general environment within the throat, impacting uncomfortable sensations. Licorice root tea helps to reduce inflammation and chamomile may help to relax muscles, easing pain. Tea’s flavonoids also offer anti-inflammatory properties.

Sinus pain is frustrating and uncomfortable. Ginger is a great help when congestion takes hold. The spicy smell opens stuffed sinuses. It also helps to loosen mucus and can serve to increase circulation. Cinnamon’s powerful aroma can also help open up those sinuses as well.

As tempted as one might be, cold sufferers shouldn’t sip too hot a cup or it may burn the throat, increasing discomfort, rather than easing it.

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