Time for Dilmah T-Lounge

WTN141215_ART_DilmahTLoungeDilmah Tea is beginning to grow its T-Lounge concept into new markets. Expansion in Europe is the next stop and then growth in the Middle East next year. Dilmah has identified the Middle East as an important focus for its future retail efforts.

The current T-Lounge beverage menus boast a large number of Ceylon teas spiked with spices and fruit. There are lemonade-tea blends as well as mocktails and t-shakes which combine tea with yogurt or ice cream. For those looking for a bite to eat, there are cakes and sweets, tea sandwiches and crepes on offer.  T-Lounge also has a retail component with teaware and Dilmah products.

Dilmah is not new to the tea shop concept. Twelve stand-alone tea bars exist in places like Sri Lanka, Poland, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Chile. There are also 200 express tea bars in hotels, airports and shopping malls. Last month Dilmah T Bar opened in Hyderabad, as their first shop in India. Customer reviews to the shops frequently reference how unique and innovative these tea lounges are with the range of drink options and service that is consistent and well-executed.

Dilmah Founder Merrill J. Fernando

Dilmah Founder Merrill J. Fernando

Dilmah, a brand of MJF Group, is based in Sri Lanka and was named for founder Merrill J. Fernando’s sons Dilhan and Malik. The company owns its own tea gardens, packaging and packing facilities, producing enough tea for more than six million cups per day. They are the originators of the highly popular “Real High Tea Challenge” which challenges chefs around the world to use tea in a more substantive way, as an ingredient or for pairings. The competition has been staged in 14 countries since its introduction in 2007. The Fernando family is also involved in the resort business with the ten year old Ceylon Tea Trails And Cape Weligama, both in Sri Lanka.

Source: Trade Arabia