Using Mushrooms to Remove Tea’s Bitterness

There are people who say that they do not enjoy drinking tea because of its bitterness. It is likely that those in the specialty tea business will say that the “bitterness” may be a result of poor quality tea or incorrect brewing. However, a company called MycoTechnology in Denver, Colo., believes that they have achieved a method of removing this unpleasant flavor experience, thereby making tea more healthful and accessible to the broader population.

mycotechnology shorthand logo greenMycoSmooth(TM) uses mushroom roots to counter these bitter qualities. In nature, mushrooms are able to detoxify areas in which they grow. “The bitter flavor profile of tea has many consumers adding unnecessary masking agents, which effectively eliminates any potentially positive effects that tea may have,” says Alan Hahn, MycoTechology Inc. CEO and founder in a press release. “By removing this taste defect naturally, without the use of chemicals or GMO’s, we eliminate the need for sugars and other artificial ingredients, making a simply better tea.”

The product had previously been used for coffee.

MycoSmooth does not include artificial ingredients and is non-GMO. The first product will be a green tea, marketed under the brand Better by Nature.

SOURCE: Press release and MycoTechnology