Village Tea and Mama-Kii are Blending Together

Village Tea Company has entered into a partnership with Hawaiian tea grower/producer Mama-Kii to develop a new line of blended loose leaf teas and ready to drink beverages featuring Mamaki tea leaves grown at Wood Valley plantation near Pahala on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Village tea CompanyVillage Tea Company will introduce an assortment of Mamaki based products as the first product in its new line of exotic functional “teas” from around the world which will be launched early next year. Mamaki is an herbal plant that is native to the Big Island of Hawaii that has been used for centuries by native Hawaiians for various medicinal purposes.  Native Hawaiian’s have traditionally used Mamaki to lower high blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, relieve stress and fatigue, reduce stomach problems, mitigate liver and bladder problems and to relax tense muscles prior to childbirth.  Mamaki is also credited in helping to maintain balance for diabetes in some people and is used as an anti-depressant.

Because of the local legend of the reported health benefits of the plant,  Mamaki has garnered attention outside of the Hawaiian Islands. These reports  have led to several recent studies by various universities and institutions to study the plant to determine its composition and potential benefits. Studies have shown, that Mamaki contains high levels of three beneficial polyphenols and abundant concentrations of healthful minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. These concentrations are higher than that of many other tea’s such as green teas and black teas which have been proven to have known antioxidant properties. Based on these studies and other variables, Mama-Kii has cultivated the plant for the purposes of developing and creating loose leaf tea beverages. They are the largest grower and producer of Mamaki in Hawaii.

Curt Borman the President of Mama-Kii stated that “he is pleased to partner with a professional, quality tea supplier to be able to bring this wonderful herb to the U.S. mainland.  When brewed, Mamaki is a healthy, pleasant beverage that is caffeine free, cholesterol free and gluten free.  It is never bitter.  We believe Village Tea represents our company’s goal to provide this healthy, indigenous Hawaiian herb to the U.S. mainland.”Mama-Kiilogos

Janon Costley, CEO of Village Tea Company stated, ” We are extremely excited about the potential of this relationship because it speaks to the core of our brand message of unexpected flavor combinations. As we seek to differentiate ourselves in the market place it is important that we continue to push the envelope to identify and explore different opportunities to provide our customers with unique blends and new products, especially in the functional tea category which we are just beginning to expand within our assortment. At Village Tea we pride ourselves in working with quality partners, with high quality products that allow us to continue providing healthy beverage options to our customers. As the largest producer of this product in Hawaii we feel that we have found such a partner in Mama-Kii,”

Martin Ekechukwu, Founder and President of Village Tea Company stated, “Although this herb has been around for a very long time, it has not been widely distributed outside of the Hawaiian Islands so we are just beginning to discover some of its many potential benefits. We hope that this new partnership will allow us to develop great tasting products that will bring some of these benefits to our customers in each cup of our delicious tea.”

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SOURCE: Village Tea Company