Wimbledon Fans Must Leave their Tea at Home

WTN140630_ART_WimbledonSafetyIconsTennis fans attending matches at Wimbledon have been given a new list of prohibited items. Don’t bring knives, tents, flares or a Thermos. Tea loving summer travelers are distressed at the idea of leaving their favorite tea flasks at home.

The announcement, released through Wimbledon’s Twitter account, said it was for security reasons. Visitors are not pleased at now having to fork over £2.10 ($3.55) when they are thirsty for a cuppa. To add insult to injury, if a Thermos is found, the spectator will either find it thrown away or will have to pay £5 for “luggage storage.” In past years it was estimated that over the two weeks of the Grand Slam, more than 300,000 cups of tea and coffee are consumed, according to their website. If that number holds up, the facility could generate $1,065,000.


The new measures are being attributed to increased concerns after the use of pressure cookers as weapons at the 2013 Boston Marathon. Guards also worried that they could be thrown to injure a player. Security also says that the rule is not actually new, just being enforced more emphatically this year. Of course, bottles of wine, cans of beer and water bottles are still permitted.

Source: The Independent

Photo by: Scott Heavey/AELTC, June 2014