Expo Exhibitors Show Off Electric Tea Brewers

Exhibitors at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas will be showing off electronic tea brewers with lots of bells and whistles for both home and tea shops.

Gourmia Gourmia.com expects to exhibit six electronic tea brewers at the expo, including:

  • GWTC8500 – The WiFi Square Craft Tea Infuser & Coffee Brewer includes app control that allows the customer to start and stop the brewer and select the strength of the tea wherever the app is accessible. It has voice control through Amazon Alexa that lets the customer vocally command the tea brewer and control the strength of the tea. This product was a 2017 Global Innovation Awards finalist in the smart home category.
  • GWTC8450 – The Auto Brewing Intelligent Tea Maker is programmable and automated at the touch of a button on a smartphone.
  • GCM3600 – This Single Serve Coffee & Tea Maker uses K-Cup pods, tea leaves or coffee grounds.

Teforia https://teforia.com/ plans to exhibit its flagship product, the Teforia Classic, which uses the proprietary Teforia Selective Infusion Process System (“SIPS”) technology to determine the best brewing method for each varietal.

Teforia adapts to each tea drinker’s taste preferences while giving users the ability to customize each cup, according to Allen Han, founder and CEO. It allows users to adjust the various properties of any tea and create their own recipes with custom caffeine levels, antioxidant levels and flavor and aroma notes. Users can decrease caffeine content and increase Gallocatechin (one of the major antioxidants found in tea).

Bunn-O-Matic http://www.bunn.com/ will raffle off a new-to-market brewer, according to Susan Leiterstein, director of business development for World Tea Expo.

Commercial tea brewers will be on display at the expo as well.

BKON/Franke https://www.franke.com will be exhibiting its BKON Craft Brewer for brewing hot and iced beverages, loose-leaf teas, gourmet coffees, cocktails, craft waters, spirit and wine infusions. The brewer has proprietary technology called RAIN (Reverse Atmospheric Infusion) that uses vacuums to remove gasses trapped in the ingredients’ cellular structure.

Alpha Dominche http://alphadominche.com/ is in the process of developing a new generation of electronic brewers, says Alex Enzbigilis, director of sales. In the meantime, the company will be showing off its Steampunk brewer at the expo.

You will also find a large number of non-electric brewing and steeping devices at a wide range of companies.

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