March 2018 Global Tea Championship Results

Tipsy Eve tea, photo by Faith Bailes

The Global Tea Championship’s 2018 Fall Hot Loose Leaf Competition took place in Boulder, Colorado March 24. Entrants from 7 countries submitted 147 teas in 27 categories. Three judges, Scott Svihula, Suzette Hammond and Aaron Vick, tasted and evaluated all of the teas. Here are the results of the competition.

Bronze: Vahdam Teas Private Limited—Assam Gold Second Flush Black Tea

Black Tea (Machine, CTC)
Bronze: Kai Organic Tea—Texas Iced Tea

Black Tea (Orthodox)
Silver: Glenworth Tea Estate—Orange Twist
Bronze: Garden to Cup Organics—Anhui Imperial Private Reserve

Blended Black
Silver: The Milana Company—The Queen’s Royal Blend
Blended Oolong
Bronze: Old Village Puer Pte. Ltd.—Woken Dragon
Blended Puerh/Dark
Bronze: Old Village Puer Pte. Ltd.—Imperial Treasure

Breakfast Blend
No winners

Chai (Masala Chai)
No winners

Darjeeling Second Flush
No winners

Darjeeling (Autumnal)
No winners

Dark Tea
Bronze: Garden to Cup Organics—Lu’an Private Reserve

Earl Grey Black
Gold: Florapharm Tea USA—Bergamot
Silver: Garden to Cup Organics—Majestic Earl Grey
Bronze: Firsd Tea North America—Earl Grey

Flavored Black
Silver: CitizenTea—Smores
Bronze: Florapharm Tea USA—Mango Moringa Natural

Flavored Decaf
Silver: Dethlefsen & Balk Inc.—Lemon/Pineapple
Bronze: Florapharm Tea USA—Decaffeinated Earl Grey Natural

Flavored Oolong
Bronze: Garden to Cup Organics—Spring Garden Oolong

Flavored Puerh/Dark
Bronze: Teas Etc. Inc.—Butter Pecan Pu-erh

Ginseng Oolong
Bronze: Dethlefsen & Balk Inc.—Lan Gui Ren – Ginseng Oolong

No winners

No winners

Jasmine Green (Open Leaf)
Silver: Meimei Fine Teas—King Jasmine Green Tea
Bronze: Garden to Cup Organics—Moonlight Jasmine

Jasmine Green (Pearl)
No winners

No winners

Lapsang Souchong
No winners

Moroccan Mint
Gold: Newby Teas—Moroccan Mint Heritage Collection

Silver: Florapharm Tea USA—Organic Pu-Erh China “Palace Pu-Erh”
Bronze: Wild Yunnan Tea—Wild Ancient Shu Puerh

Unique Open Class
Gold: Garden to Cup Organics—Lapsang Souchong Bespoke
Gold: Glenburn Tea Direct—Khongea Assam Silver Needles
Silver: Newby Teas—White Jasmine Special
Silver: Lumbini Tea Valley—Manjary
Silver: Lumbini Tea Valley—Tipsy Eve
Silver: Florapharm Tea USA—Organic Black Japan Wakoucha
Silver: Lumbini Tea Valley—Sinharaja Wiry Tips
Silver: Garden to Cup Organics—Cameron Valley Private Reserve
Bronze: Lumbini Tea Valley—Silver Needles
Bronze: TEKO ehf—Birki Blend
Bronze: Bitaco Unique Colombian Tea—Colombian Black Tea
Bronze: Walters Bay—Golden Rings
Bronze: TeaGschwender—New Zealong Black Tea
Bronze: Old Village Puer Pte. Ltd.—Fresh Fusion
Bronze: Vahdam Teas Private Limited—Smoky Assam Souchong Black Tea

Silver: TeaVivre—Yu Nan Dian Hong Black Tea-Golden Tip
Bronze: Garden to Cup Organics—Yunnan Golden Monkey

Judge’s Choice
Vahdam Teas Private Limited—Earl Grey Masala Chai Tea
The Milana Company—The Royal Emperor’s Chai