Zojirushi’s Commercial Water Boiler & Warmer

CDLTC1_zojirushiZojirushi will be releasing their first commercial water boiler this April.  Zojirushi’s Commercial Water Boiler & Warmer (CD-LTC50) is a 5.0 liter capacity water boiler that requires no plumbing, and dispenses hot water with the touch of a button as long as it is plugged in.

The Commercial Water Boiler is the perfect solution for anyone needing a commercial-use hot water dispenser to make tea, instant coffee, hot chocolate, instant soups, sauces or any other beverages or foods requiring hot water without the hassle of installing a large commercial boiler. The unit features an easy-to-read large wraparound Panorama Window® water level gauge so users can easily see when to add water.  The swivel base allows for convenient dispensing – and the large capacity provides enough hot water for 21- 8 ounce cups.

Learn more at: www.zojirushi.com