Budding Products: 1872 Clipper Tea Company, TWG, Enzo Matcha, Pure Zen Tea

Bagged Tea News

Clipper Tea Company Pays Homage to Earl Grey

The 1872 Clipper Tea Company compiled a Little Grey Book, which is a collection of four chapters of Earl Grey tea blends in a boxed set. The Little Grey Book was put together as a tribute to Earl Grey’s variety and steadfast elegance. The chapters are named after different developmental stages of tea: Sow—Earl Grey, its classic interpretation; Grow—Earl Grey with Cream, including cornflowers; Bloom—Earl Grey with Lavender, also featuring  citrus; Wilt—Earl Grey Tie Guan Yin, which includes honey and roasted nuts.

The packaging resembles a thick novel or boxed book set. The teas are meant to be indulged in and savored like a good book, the company stated via press release

Retail for the set is $49.00.

TWG Tea Launches Luxurious Teabag Collection

TWG’s new teabag collection contains an assortment of 15 tea bags that contain 7.5 grams of handpicked, whole leaf teas. The teas in the collection are meant specifically for brewing iced tea. The round, hand sewn teabags are made of transparent silk and do not contain staples or glue, which can interfere with the taste of tea.

Some of the teas in the collection are: French Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Moroccan Mint, Eternal Summer Tea, Cocktail Hour Tea, Sweet France Tea and Pink Flamingo Tea.

To add to the collection, TWG also has a plexiglass iced tea carafe that comes in eight colors.

The teabag collection retails for $42 dollars and the carafes retail for $185 dollars.

Specialty Tea News

Enzo Matcha on Amazon.com

Photo Credit: DigitalJournal.com

Online tea purveyor Enzo Matcha introduced a new classic matcha on Amazon.com, according to a press release. The  company’s annual launch this year is Premium Organic Matcha, which can be enjoyed as a hot tea, in coconut milk or in baking.

The matcha is made from a premium grade of USDA Certified Organic green tea that is stone-ground into a powder. The matcha is bright emerald green and Enzo describes its flavor as “dark roasted toasty.”

Tea Accessory News

Pure Zen Tea Tumbler Makes Tea Portable

Photo Credit: DigitalJournal.com

Pure Zen Tea makes a modern, state-of-the-art glass tea tumbler that comes equipped with a detachable stainless-steel infuser. The BPA-free double walled borosilicate glass does not interfere with the taste of the tea. The interior wall of glass keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours. The exterior wall does not get hot, so customers can comfortably hold the tumbler. The tumbler has a leakproof lid, so customers do not have to worry about spills. The tumbler can also be used for coffee and for cold beverages. It is dishwasher safe and includes a protective.

“I know the stress of waiting for the tea to steep just when I have to rush out of my home every morning,” Laura Brown, the founder and CEO of Pure Zen Tea, said via press release. “For long I have been on the lookout of a tool which will help me to steep my tea leaves, keep the tea warm, and carry my tea around. I was motivated to come up with my own solution that will solve all the needs of health-conscious dynamic tea lovers like me and Pure Zen Tea Tumbler with Infuser was born.”