Budding Products: Creative Products for Brewing Tea and Kombucha

BINTBIZ Launches a French Press Coffee and Tea Collection

Candace Glass Teapot & Infuser. Photo credit: bintbiz.com

Portland, Oregon-based BINTBIZ introduced its French Press Coffee and Tea Collection. French presses have increased in popularity for both coffee and tea brewing.

The collection also includes modern and sleek tea kettles, tea pots and tea pot infusers, such as the Rose Gold Electric Tea Kettle, the Triennium Stainless Steel Teapot and the Candace Glass Teapot & Infuser.

According to the company press release, “Their products have an innovative design for capturing the concentrated flavors of tea and coffee while making sure the natural oils of the ground mixture are washed off and no residue is left behind in the pitcher.”

Thea Kombucha Company Created a Home Kombucha Brewing Mix

Thea Kombucha Starter Seed. Photo credit: theakombucha.com

Denver-based Thea Kombucha launched its Kickstarter campaign on Jan. 12 and exceeded its goal in its first 48 hours online. The company produces a home brewing kombucha mixture, Kombucha Starter Seed, which it purports to be “the easiest way to make real kombucha at home.” Biomedical engineers founded the Thea Kombucha Co. in 2017.

The 100 percent natural blend contains yeast and probiotics. In seven to 10 days, it transforms regular green or black tea and sugar into kombucha. Fruit and herbs can also be added to one’s liking. Each starter seed pouch can brew up to 1 gallon of kombucha.

Thea Kombucha Co. also created a custom designed hand-blown glass pitcher made especially for kombucha fermentation. People can brew and pour from it easily as it has a wire spiral strainer that allows for the flow of kombucha while keeping the post fermentation SCOBY (a symbiotic colony of probiotics and yeast) in the pitcher. It comes with a bamboo lid.