Budding Products: Fruity Summer Offerings Hit Menus

Specialty Tea News

Teapigs Offers Premium Matcha Mint Sachets

Photo courtesy of Teapigs

Teapigs, based in Brooklyn, New York, has a variety of matcha products and its latest is a box of Premium Matcha Mint Sachets. The powder contained in the sachets can be blended with water, milk or milk alternatives to create a minty chocolate chip matcha beverage that  be enjoyed hot or cold.

The Premium Matcha Mint Sachets consist of 51 percent organically grown matcha from Japan and 49 percent ground peppermint leaves. The contents of each sachet has 5 calories. Each box contains 10 servings and retails for $18 dollars.

Menu News

Pinkberry Has Cold Brew Teas For the Summer


Pinkberry frozen yogurt chain launched two new Cold Brew Fruit Teas in June and  will be available until Sept. 7. The teas are in two flavors for the hot summer months: Tropical Mango and Strawberry Hibiscus. Hand cut fruit and flavored “bursting boba” are optional additions for the teas.

“Pinkberry loves trying new things and bringing fresh and exciting items to the menu that we know our customers are going to enjoy,” Kate Unger, senior vice president of marketing for Kahala Brands, the parent company of Pinkberry, said in a company press release.



Starbucks South Korea Has Ombre Sangria Tea

Starbucks continues to sell innovative drinks in Asia, the latest of which is its Sangria Red Tea that is now available in South Korea. Its ingredients for this colorful beverage are a bit of a mystery as they are not listed on Starbucks’ website. It seems to be a mix of hibiscus-style red tea and orange juice, with apples, oranges and grapes added. It has already become popular in South Korea as the hashtag #SangriaRedTea on Instagram brings up more than 7,500 photos of people drinking or supporting the beverage.