Budding Products: Hampstead Tea, B Sweet, TISANE TEAS

Bagged tea news

Hampstead Tea Adds To Its Herbal Teas

Photo credit: HampsteadTea.com

London-based Hampstead Tea has two new herbal teas it is adding to its existing collection. The new blends are Lavender & Valeria and Honeybush & Vanilla. Hampstead Tea utilizes biodynamic herbs and spices from around the world. It hopes these creative blends will be popular among millennials, reports KamCity.

“With fruit and herbal teas accounting for almost a third of the hot beverage market these herbals have caused a real stir at Hampstead head office!” Kiran Tawadey, the founder Hampstead Tea, told KamCity. “They taste great and we have carefully paired teas to offer tea lovers a fun experience with funky combinations.”


Ready-to-drink tea news

B Sweet Nitro Cold Brew Introduces Hibiscus Tea

Photo credit: mybsweet.com/coffee

B Sweet Coffee and Tea started out as a café in Los Angeles, and has expanded its ready-to-drink line of nitro cold brew teas. The company debuted its Nitro Hibiscus Tea in March at Natural Products Expo West. This flavor adds to last year’s Nitro Cold Brew Matcha Green Tea.

They are riding the cold brew wave. “We knew other people would be doing cold brew, so we wanted to start playing with new things,” Co-founder and CEO Kurt Steinitz told BevNET.

In addition to the canned nitro teas, B Sweet Coffe and Tea sells Thai Tea and Nitrous Coffee Latte in kegs.

The 11-ounce canned teas currently retail for about $4.69, but Steinitz hopes as production and distribution increase, the price will decrease to about $3 dollars, according to BevNet.


Tisane Teas Debuts Organic Alkaline Tea Line in Southern California

TISANE – Alkaline Teas 8.0ph+, Hibiscus Berry & Vanilla Chai (PRNewsfoto/TISANE TEAS)

Tisane Teas launched a new line of ready-to-drink “Alkaline Tea,” which follows the alkaline water movement, according to a company press release. The company is based in Southern California.

The two new teas are Vanilla Chai and Hibiscus Berry. The press relea

se states that the teas “are extremely hydrating becuase of their alkaline nature (8.0ph+).” Organic Rooibos Tea is the base for both teas, so both are caffeine free and contain antioxidants. The teas contain organic sweeteners and each 16.9-ounce beverage has only 50 calories.

Both flavors are available exclusively in Southern California at Gelson’s Markets and will soon be sold at more high-end grocery stores.