Budding Products: Hoogly Tea, Mighty Leaf Tea, Mister Donut

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Hoogly Tea Launches ‘Hygge’ Teas

Photo credit: HooglyTea.com

Hoogly Tea is a new brand of teas that just launched in the U.K. Hoogly Tea was inspired by the Danish principle of “hygge,” which means: a feeling of well-being and warmth. The company carries a variety of fair trade, ethically sourced teas, according to HooglyTea.com.

Flavors include black, green, white, oolong and herbal, as well as unique blends such as chocolate brownie, apple strudel and Baked Apple chai. A Danish tea enthusiast, Tina Gloggengieser, formulated all of the blends.

“Hygge can be loosely translated as a year-round feeling of warmth, well-being and cosiness,” said Gloggengieser, reports FoodBev.com. “Central to hygge living is tea, with its ability to bring comfort and a sense of well-being.” A survey conducted by the Happiness Research Institute revealed that Danes associated hot beverages with this feeling.



Mighty Leaf Tea Adds Two Tea Powders

Photo credit: MightyLeaf.com

Mighty Leaf Tea has introduced Cocoa Matcha Green Tea and Turmeric Tea powders, which add to their established line of Organic Matcha, Organic Ceremonial Matcha and Matcha Latte Mix.

Organic Cocoa Matcha is green tea with a chocolatey flavor and no sugar added. MightyLeaf.com recommends it be consumed with a little milk and sugar.

Organic Spiced Turmeric Matcha consists of matcha, turmeric, cinnamon and ginger. MightyLeaf.com recommends it with a bit of honey.


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Mister Donut Adds Matcha to Doughnuts

Photo credit: JapanToday.com

Japan’s Mister Donut partnered with tea manufacturer Gion Tusjiri to create a new assortment of doughnuts with green tea incorporated into their recipes. The assortment of six doughnuts follows last year’s matcha doughnuts produced by Mister Donut. Mister Donut also offers two matcha drinks to complement the doughnuts. The doughnut and beverage collection will be available throughout Japan until mid-May.

The limited edition doughnuts are:

Warabi Mochi Matcha is made with brown sugar and yeast with an icing made with bittersweet matcha chocolate, soy milk and a jelly-like piece of starch candy called “warabi mocha.”

Shiratama Matcha is made with whipped green tea, red bean paste from Hokkaido and a rice flour “shiratama.” The donut is made of brown sugar and yeast with topping made of brown sugar, soybean flour, black beans and rice.

Azuki Matcha Whip is a light an airy doughnut made with plain yeasted dough. It is filled with whipped green tea and adzuki red bean paste and dusted with kinako roasted soybean sugar.

Matcha Soy Milk Whip is also a light and airy doughnut made with plain yeast dough. Inside it has a whipped soy cream filling with icing sugar on top. It comes with bittersweet green tea chocolate icing on the side.

Mister Donut’s crispy old-fashioned doughnut has matcha chocolate on top.

Pon de Ring Premium Matcha is a pastry with a bittersweet matcha chocolate coating.

The two matcha drinks are the Matcha au Lait, which is a mixture of green tea and milk, and the Matcha au Lait Soy Milk Whip, which is green tea with whipped soy topping.