Budding Products: Matcha for Wellness (PANATEA, T-Tox, Pukka)

PANATEA Launches Fortified Instant Matcha Latte: GLOW

GLOW photo courtesy of PANATEA

New York-based matcha purveyor, PANATEA, just launched GLOW, a single-serve instant matcha with Biotin and Chlorella. The company created the product in response to the demand of busy consumers who wanted a convenient matcha product suited for their lifestyles.

“We’ve listened to our customers and formulated a product that is both functional and tastes amazing. It’s a win-win combination, that will also seek to introduce matcha to a broader customer base,” said Founder & CEO, David Mandelbaum in a company press release.

Biotin, which is also known as vitamin H, is recognized for supporting hair, skin and nail health. Chlorella is algae found in fresh water and is known for its detoxifying properties.

GLOW tastes like a vanilla matcha latte with traces of coconut and oat milk. It is water soluable.

GLOW Instant Matcha Latte won the Gold Medal in the Matcha Blend Powder category in the Global Tea Championship in September 2017.

PANATEA’s products are available on their website: panateamatcha.com. PANATEA also distributes to food service outlets across the United States.

T-Tox is for Active Consumers

T-Tox launched a line of three matcha teas that are formulated for active consumers; it is the United Kingdom’s first line of matcha teas geared towards fitness enthusiasts. T-Tox founder Johnny Harris is a personal trainer and sports therapist.

Each of the teas is formulated to be consumed at different times of the day.

  • Matcha Energise contains matcha powder, ginger, guarana, ginseng and ginko biloba and is supposed to help consumers get ready for physical activity.
  • Matcha Recovery has matcha powder, peppermint, nettle, milk thistle, spirulina and lavender and is meant to aid in recovery after a workout.
  • Matcha Health is a blend of matcha powder and moringa powder and is intended to help exercise performance overall.

“Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts take in coffee before a workout due to the documented improvements to performance, yet so many people I work with noticed the ‘jittery’ side effects,” said Harris to FoodBev.com. “The product range we have created offers a slow-release ‘focused alertness’ and the associated improvements to performance without negatively affecting sleep.”

Harris talks about his experiences that inspired him to create T-Tox in this BBC Radio London interview.

The teas come in brushed steel tins and have already garnered demand from health food and fitness focused stores.

Pukka Introduces Lean Matcha Green

Unilever’s Pukka Herbs recently created Lean Matcha Green, a tea meant to boost metabolism with added spices intended to reduce inflammation and aid digestion.

Pukka’s co-founder Sebastian Pole blended Lean Matcha Green, which contains matcha, cinnamon and turmeric.

“This new blend in Pukka’s green tea repertoire also includes spices such as cinnamon which helps to balance blood sugar levels and turmeric which acts as an anti-inflammatory, reducing any irritation, heat or pain within the digestive tract,” said Pukka Herbs in a statement.

Lean Matcha green will be available in the United Kingdom in January 2018.