Budding Products: Starbucks Adds New Teas to International Menus

Starbucks Japan Debuts Earl Grey Tea Cream Frappuccino

Starbucks’ Earl Gray Tea Cream Frappuccino, Photo credit: Starbucks.co.jp

Starbucks Japan is offering its Earl Grey Tea Cream Frappuccino for a limited time, reports Bustle.

This new beverage, which blends Earl Grey tea, milk and ice and is topped with sweet honey cream, is timely for a spring release when customers typically make the switch from hot to cold beverages. A dusting of dried tea leaves tops the chilled drink.

Photos of this new menu item are already delighting Starbucks fans on Instagram.



Starbucks Canada Offers a ‘Hug in a Cup’

Teavana Blossoming Rose Tea Latte, Photo credit: Starbucks.com

The news.starbucks.com reports Starbucks Canada is offering new Teavana tea latte beverages—pure microground tea leaves blended with steamed milk—in four flavors: Black Tea, Rooibos, Matcha and Blossoming Rose.

Starbucks relates the drinking experience with the new “cashmere”-like teas to receiving a “hug in a cup.”

The Blossoming Rose Tea Latte, which was inspired by Japanese sakura tea, comes with a squirt of rose-flavored syrup and rose hibiscus sprinkles. Starbucks says the rose flavor perfectly complements the red color of the hibiscus tea, but the syrup can also be mixed in with the Black Tea and Matcha lattes.


United Kingdom Starbucks Launch Three New Lattes

Starbucks Red Apple Rooibos Tea Latte, Photo credit: Starbucks.com

Starbucks’ United Kingdom stores are now offering three new milky tea-based beverages, reports the Daily Mail.

The Matcha Tea Latte, the Rooibos Tea Latte and the limited edition Red Apple Rooibos Tea Latte launched in the U.K. March 1. The Matcha Tea Latte, which replaces the Green Tea Latte, and the Rooibos Tea Latte both come standard with no sugar added.

The Red Apple Rooibos flavor comes with one pump of red apple syrup and is topped with a sprinkle of apple blossom dust and will only be available through April.