Budding Products: Tea Brewing Becomes Sophisticated and Simple

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Teamosa Uses Ultrasound to Brew Tea

Teamosa brewer

Teamosa launched its state-of-the-art tea brewer that uses ultrasonic extraction technology, resulting in a more smoothly brewed cup of tea. The device is similar to a Keurig in that it uses pods to brew single cups of tea.

Siblings Catherine Liu and Irven Liu invented the device. As the daughter and son of tea growers in Taiwan and future owners of the family business, they were inspired to modernize the tea brewing process.

The appliance consists of a cavity in which water is poured, a bamboo tray underneath and a top compartment in which tea is placed.

A tea capsule or loose tea leaves can be placed in the compartment at the top of the device. Once a tea capsule is inserted, the brewer scans it and sets the optimum brewing temperature and steeping time according to the type of tea in the pod. Those who prefer to put loose tea leaves into the top compartment can customize the brewing process by turning the dial on the side of the brewer. Additionally, Teamosa has an app for adjusting the brewing temperature, steeping time, strength and cup size in advance.

Tea is neither brewed at too hot of a temperature, which can damage antioxidants, nor for too long, which can cause bitterness.

Teamosa offers six types of tea in capsules: white, green, yellow, oolong, black and dark (pu-erh).

Adding to the machine’s superior convenience characteristics is it ability to self-clean and remove residue accumulation.

Mug Turns Tea Brewing Upside Down

Photo courtesy of PSC Houseware

PSC Houseware created an upside down tea brewing mug. It has an infuser with a time control for brewing tea and a filter to strain floral buds and herbs.

To brew, loose tea goes into the mug’s infuser compartment, the user turns the mug upside down, then the timer control indicates when the tea is ready.

The mug holds 400 milliliters or 13.5 ounces of liquid.