Budding Products: ‘Wild’ Tea Companies Launch New Brews

Wild Ohio Introduces Lemonade Tea Beer

Columbus, Ohio-based Wild Ohio Brewing introduced its very own lemonade tea beer, the DalyPalmer, in January. It is a mixture of black tea and lemonade with 4 percent alcohol by net volume.

Wild Ohio Brewing is one of Ohio’s fastest growing craft beer purveyors.

The DalyPalmer is the company’s newest addition to its gluten-free tea beer collection, which also includes: Blueberry Lavender tea beer (5 percent ABV), Mango Hops tea beer (8 percent ABV), Blood Orange tea beer (5 percent ABV) and Black Cherry Bourbon tea beer (9.2 percent ABV).

The tea beers can be purchased online in collaboration with Buckeye Craft Beer.

The company’s website says “DalyPalmer will be your new cup of tea.”

Blushing Brew 2 Debuts

Photo courtesy of Wild Tea Kombucha

Wild Rose Brewery and Wild Tea Kombucha, both based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, collaborated to create their Blushing Brew 2. It is a blend of hibiscus, rose petal and juniper berry kombucha with Cowbell kettle sour and is blush rose in color. It is naturally energizing and has probiotics and enzymes that aid in digestion.

Wild Rose Brewery said via press release that  the flavor is “a bit tart, has a nice earthy tone with a touch of sweetness.”

“We’re so excited to collaborate with Wild Rose again on Blushing Brew 2,”  former Canadian Olympic team member in bobsled and Wild Tea Kombucha founder Emily Baadsvik said via the press release. “The first version of Blushing Brew was so hugely popular, it was a no-brainer to release it to the wild in 2018.”

The two companies specialize in small batch, craft beverages.

Blushing Brew 2 is available in limited quantities.