Gourmia Single-Button Brewer


Gourmia Tea Square Loose-Leaf Tea Brewer.

Loose leaf at the push of a button inspired makers of capsule brewers to include teas in their K-Cup lineups but sales slumped in 2016 due in part to the temperamental nature of specialty tea. In response, several manufacturers have incorporated brewing vessels that fully immerse tea leaves regardless of size and style.

Countertop kitchen appliance designer Gourmia recently introduced its Tea-Square Loose-Leaf Tea Brewer to eliminate “the hassle of monitoring every step” of the steep.

The brewer features an exclusive “iTEA” boil-to-brew technology that automatically brews up to four cups of loose-leaf tea “consistently with perfect results… any variety—white, green, oolong, and black—and without constant monitoring,” according to the company.

“The practice of brewing loose-leaf tea continues to spread globally with great enthusiasm by millions of tea lovers. As our entry into this fascinating world of tea brewing, Gourmia proudly introduces the perfect way to brew tea with ease and convenience,” writes Gourmia CEO Heshy Biegeleisen.

The Brooklyn, New York-based firm has a line of variable temperature tea kettles but the new brewer has controls to produce light, medium, and strong tea plus a “refresh” setting to prep and hydrate teas before brewing. Multiple temperature settings eliminate manual controls and insure optimal extraction. “There is no need to ever worry about brew times, as the Tea-Square does everything for you,” according to the company.

WTN170110_Gourmia_Tea_Square_Loose_Tea_Brewer3The boil-to-brew technology adapts a centuries-old practice to awaken and refresh the loose-tea leaves by heating a small amount of water that is poured over the tea leaves in the glass chamber. This first step rinses and refreshes the leaves for the fast infusion cycle to follow. After selecting your brewing choice, the (GTC8000) system automatically brews your tea to perfection, according to the company.

Once brewed, tea passes through an extra-fine stainless-steel strainer, which traps even the smallest tea particles, leaving a clear, pure, smooth brew. See the Tea-Square Loose-Leaf Tea Brewer in action here.

Safety features prevent the unit from operating unless the carafe is in place. Settings enable users to also brew coffee. The brewer sells for $149.99 on Amazon.com.

Source: Gourmia