Heated Smart Mug Signals End of Tepid Tea

WTN161017_Glowstone mug 6-lores

A light sensor in the Glowstone’s base acts as an indicator that this smart mug is functioning.

On October 6, following a brief Kickstarter campaign that received a lot of positive reviews in the British press, English inventor Thomas Gostelow announced the successful funding of his Glowstone mug. A total of 204 backers raised £36,925 to fund this heated smart mug, designed to keep drinks hot for 30 minutes.

Gostelow hopes that his product will “spell the end of that irritating trip to the microwave for millions of drinkers whose brew has gone tepid,” according to a recent Daily Mail article.

“The results were better than expected. Not only was it keeping my drinks hot, they seemed to taste better,” said the inventor.

Combining up-to-the minute technology with traditional design, the fine bone china, dishwasher-proof mug features a slim heater concealed in its base to keep tea (or coffee, hot chocolate, or soup) at “the perfect” temperature of 60–65 degrees C. It can detect when the last sip has been taken, at which point it automatically switches off. A light sensor in its base shows that it’s functioning and it can be wirelessly recharged by placing it onto a Qi coaster, which can also charge a smartphone.

WTN161017_Glowstone mug 3-loresGostelow spent 18 months sourcing parts, developing the electronics, and refining the idea before making his prototype.

Having been successfully funded, the product is now in the pilot production and certification stage, and mass production and shipment is planned for November. Backers who pledged £69 or more are expected to receive their smart mug in time for Christmas.

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