Matcha Beer Fits St. Paddy’s Day to a “Tea”

A glass of Matsuri, Photo Credit: Rocket News

How about some green beer for St. Patrick’s Day? This beer is not just some Budweiser with food coloring added. It is a mix of Yebisu beer and Kyoto green tea.

Photo Credit: Rocket News

This bright green cocktail is called the Matsuri, which is usually the Japanese term for “festival.” In this case, Matsuri is written by combining the first kanji character for “matcha” with the kanji character for “village” to create a term meaning “green tea’s home.” The tea used in this beverage comes from Kyoto Prefecture’s Uji City, which is famous for producing matcha. The beverage has been labeled “a small luxury” according to Rocket News.

Matsuri is available at two Yebisu bars. One is in Osaka at Terminal 1 of the Kansai Airport and the other is Kyoto’s Yodobashi Camera superstore. Each glass of Matsuri is freshly prepared and costs about 750 yen.