New Tea Products for the Spring Market

In this quiet period between the holidays and the full-on burst of spring and warm weather, retailers and producers sometimes look to boost sales with new product announcements.

New tea form
Pique Tea – Organic tea crystals
press release Pique imageLike Via offers for coffee, Pique is looking to create for tea. These crystals were blended and created from organic loose-leaf tea by tea master Roy Fong. Instead of using a strainer or teabag, the crystals simply dissolve in water. The tea is packaged into single serve sachets and have no preservatives, sugar or artificial flavors. There are five flavors offered: Earl Grey, English breakfast, mint sencha, sencha, and jasmine. They can be purchased online for $9.69 each. A variety pack is also available.
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New steeping innovations
Spotless Tea Bag Ltd. – STEABAG
Steabaglogo0610SSTEABAG is a stand-pouch for packaging tea bags. One rips open the Steabag pouch and steeps their tea with the enclosed teabag. The waterproof pouch can then stand up and serve as a receptacle for the wet bag. These pouches can be personalized with a company’s logo, design and tea blend. The packaging is also biodegradable.
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Dreamfarm – Teafu
Dreamfarm_Teafu_Scene_Pumpkin_1-990x660Dreamfarm is looking to create a better infuser for loose-leaf tea steepers. This device, named Teafu for “tea infuser,” replaces the usual stainless steel bowl of a spoon infuser with silicone. A button at the botton of the handle allows users to squeeze the silicone pod to release more liquid. The Teafu can then balance upright on its base, keeping the wet infuser off the counter. It comes in eight colors. This Australia-based company creates products to address simple needs, like the Chopula which can chop with its side but work as a spatula. The garject is a garlic press with a mechanism to “eject” the garlic. Levoons are “scrape level measuring spoons.” Teafu retails for $14.95.
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New Tea Blends
Republic of Tea – New tea gifts
Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.38.27 PMRepublic of Tea has developed four new special blends. Celebrate with Cuppa Cake is a green rooibos with notes of vanilla cake, lemon and coconut. Thanks You’re a Peach is a ginger peach blend. Mom You’re the Berry Best is a red rooibos with strawberry notes. Enjoy a Cup of Cheer is rooibos and vanilla. The teas come in packages of 36 tea bags and sell for $10.25.
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Taylors of Harrogate and Hampstead Tea – New blends
Taylors added another blend to their green tea collection. It was created in partnership with the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, using a Fairtrade-certified Chinese sencha with pear. Previously the company had created green teas with mint, strawberry and vanilla and grapefruit and lime. Meanwhile, Hampstead Tea is betting on continued interest in chai flavors with three new organic spiced teas. Energy chai is a black tea blend. Karma chai is a caffeine-free herbal blend. Life chai has a green tea base. The tea is packaged in sachets.


New Ready-to-Drink Beverage
Harvest Hill – Juicy Juice Teasers
Juicy Juice(R) Teasers(TM), the latest innovation from the brand, is a blend of fruit juice and decaffeinated and caffeine-free teas. Available at Publix, Food Lion and Kroger stores in the Southeast and select Walmart stores across the U.S., Juicy Juice Teasers comes packed in convenient 10-ounce single-serve six-packs and economical 64-ounce bottles, in Peach, Berry, Half & Half, and Apple. (PRNewsFoto/Juicy Juice)Juicy Juice is looking into the growing market of tea blend beverages. Juicy Juice Teasers combine fruit juice and decaffeinated tea. The drink is marketed as having less sugar than traditional juice, no artificial sweeteners and no high-fructose corn syrup. It is available in 10 ounce and gallon sizes in four flavors: peach, half and half, apple and berry.
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