SodaStream Now Offers Herbal and Fruit Blends

Photo Credit: SodaStream

SodaStream recently debuted a set of fruit and herbal infusions. SodaStream manufactures sparkling water makers that turn flat water into sparkling water in seconds. Flavoring is then added to the sparkling water to create a flavored beverage.

Original flavors highlighted traditional soda flavors such as cola, root beer and cream soda. Now the company is expanding its array with four new artisanal combinations:  Hibiscus and Berries, Wild Orchid and Spices, Lemongrass and Verbena, and Citrus Fruits.

The herbal and fruit blends are presented in single-use sachets. To prepare an herbal infused beverage, a sachet gets suspended inside of the cold, sparkling water and its flavors are infused into the water.

“Inspired by the world of tea, consumers are now empowered to bring the goodness of nature’s garden into their sparking water creations,” said Daniel Birnbaum, SodaStream International CEO, in a company press release. “This is one of the most exciting and creative product initiatives I’ve worked on because it takes water into a completely new and unexpected experience. I hope millions of consumers will share my excitement with our Infusions.”

SodaStream is the first appliance offering the consumer the option of making an infusion of herbs and sparkling water. It also offers a low waste alternative to the disposable plastic bottles and aluminum cans of ready-to-drink beverages.

The SodaStream infusions are sold in groups of eight sachets, each of which makes four servings. A group retails for $6.99.

SodaStream products are sold in 45 countries at 80,000 stores. To learn more, visit