Tea Forte Introduces New SIPSCRIPTIONS



Tea Forte introduces SIPSCRIPTIONS, a collection of organic teas to support body and mind.

SIPSCRIPTIONS is comprised of: REBOOT Tea for energy, RESULTS Tea for fitness, REGROUP Tea for detox, RESIST Tea for wellness, and RETREAT Tea for relaxation. These new teas are available in Tea Forte’s signature Pyramid Infusers, single steeps, and Loose Tea Canisters, according to a company press release. The purpose of the teas is to assist in balancing the mind and body with optimal health as the goal.

“These curated craftings of tea leaves, fresh herbs and choice bio-active botanicals, are blended for amplified health,” Tea Forte Chief Creative Compass Stuart Avery Gold said in the release.. “Whether looking for an energy lift, a pure and natural detox, help winding down, a boost to your immune system, or a steep to keep you fit and fab, SIPSCRIPTIONS teas are born in a garden, not in a lab, to deliver nature’s all-natural prescription for a daily regimen of good health and wellness.”

Tea Forte’s CEO Michael Gebrael added, “Consumers have always embraced our tea-forward innovation.”  Known for being a luxury tea brand, Tea Forte can be found in upscale hotels, resorts, restaurants and retailers. The company distinguishes itself with its high quality and its elegantly designed packaging. Tea Forte also offers an array of sleek looking accessories at www.teaforte.com.