Tea Perfume for the True Enthusiast

Jo Malone, a brand now operated by Estée Lauder, has announced a new perfume line inspired by tea scents.

WTN160411_JoMaloneThere are six perfumes in this line, called The Rare Tea collection. Handpicked buds from tea plants are infused into the fragrance base in a process that took anywhere from 10 hours to 100 hours. It took four years to source the teas and create these scents.

“With the new Rare Teas collection, we wanted to create something authentic, that hadn’t been done before, but wasn’t so quirky as to be unwearable,” Jo Malone London’s vice-president of fragrance Celine Roux told Harper’s Bazaar. “They all have a purity and clarity that is as close to the single-leaf teas as possible…”

The collection
*  Silver Needle Tea – White tea with musk, mimosa and rose
*  Darjeeling Tea – Black tea with notes of jasmine, freesia and davana
*  Jade Leaf Tea – Sencha tea with sesame, pomelo and frankincense
*  Oolong Tea – Oolong, bitter cocoa, tobacco and tonka bean
*  Midnight Black Tea – Pu’erh with vanilla, guaiac wood and labdanum
*  Golden Needle Tea – A special black tea with leather, spice, sandalwood and benzoin resin notes
The new fragrances will be available this month. A 175 ml bottle will sell for around $350. They will be available online only and are presented in limited edition bottles.

Previously the company had released other tea-inspired colognes created by Christine Nagel. There were four teas in all including:
*  Assam & Grapefruit – Black tea with a burst of citrus and notes of mate, cardamom, almond and patchouli
*  Earl Grey & Cucumber – Bergamot, cucumber, vanilla and musk
*  Fresh Mint Leaf
*  Sweet Lemon – Lemon with pineapple, peach, and cypress
*  Sweet Milk
While some of these scents retired, the Earl Grey & Cucumber are still sold. The cost $65 for one ounce and can be found at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and other retail locations.

Jo Malone London’s vice-president of fragrance Celine Roux gave an interview to Viva New Zealand about the collection.

SOURCE: Super Yachts, Now Smell This, Ca Fleure Bon, Viva, Harper’s Bazaar